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It's September 17th! Happy Black Theatre Day!

Hi CRAFT Community, 

Happy Black Theatre Day!!!! We will be celebrating all day long and hope you will too! Learn more about Black Theatre here and join the celebrations!

Let's get it! Here are a few ways you can celebrate Black Theatre Day:

As a Black Theatre Institution:

  1. Post your Black Theatre Day graphic (use the official Black Theatre Day Assets here) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  2. Record a video of you saying: “Happy Black Theatre Day from [Name of Organization and location]! Join us in celebrating over 200 years of Black theatre by donating $5, 5 hours or more to [Name of Black Theatre] and inviting 5 friends or family members to #SupportBlackTheatre. Come see our show [Insert Show/Event] on Sept. 17. To donate to [Name of Theatre] visit and/or [insert link].”

  3. Post images and videos of your organization's productions and activities.

  4. Share other Black theatres’ posts throughout the day on your Instagram story and Facebook page and Twitter!

As a non-Black Theatre Institution:

  1. Share other Black theatres posts throughout the day on your Instagram story, Facebook page and Twitter!  Just sharing the Black theatres’ posts with your networks and wishing the Black theatres a Happy #BlackTheatreDay is a great show of support.

  2. Follow @blacktheatreday and join to stay connected throughout the year.

For all folks, when making your social media posts, be sure to tag @blacktheatreday and include the following hashtags. This is essential for the growing momentum of Black Theatre Day!

#[Name of Black Theatre]

Join, the official sponsor for Black Theatre Day. On the platform, you can connect, collaborate, fundraise, and more! Activate your profile for free and purchase a monthly or annual subscription to expand your donor base and raise money for your Black theatre institution on Black Theatre Day 2023 and throughout the year.

And! On behalf of the International Black Theatre Summit, The CRAFT Institute will donate a one month paid subscription on Create Ensemble to verified Black theatre Institutions who might otherwise be unable to participate in Black Theatre Day fundraising on the platform. 

To participate: 

  1. Create profile on 

  2. Follow The CRAFT Institute on and Instagram 

  3. Message The CRAFT Institute on Create Ensemble or email directly at to request donation of one-month paid subscription

  4. Participate in Black Theatre Day fundraising on the platform!

We are encouraging all Black theatre institutions to join with an annual, paid subscription to keep your fundraiser live throughout the year or a one-month subscription to fundraise on the platform for the next thirty days. Free subscriptions are available for anyone to join Create Ensemble to access a variety of other features.  

If you are a theatre educator, there are ways you can participate and invite your students to join the Black Theatre Day Celebrations as well.

  1. Get your classes involved by inviting your students to share @blacktheatreday posts and the posts of their local Black theatres, along with a fun fact on Black Theatre!

  2. Assign your students to do the activities on the educational resource provided by The CRAFT Institute in collaboration with the Black Theatre Association. 

  3. Invite your departments and campuses to participate as well! Here is an email template to help you get started. 

All of this information is also available on our website and attached in a PDF to this email.

Let’s break the internet! We look forward to seeing all your posts of Black theatre!


The CRAFT Institute on behalf of the Black Theatre Day Planning Committee


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