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The CRAFT Institute presents "The Writers Retreat"


An in-person 3-day residency in picturesque Martha’s Vineyard. We aim to provide Four (4) Black screenwriters with the resources and tools to workshop their Feature Script or TV Pilot in a safe, supportive environment. All genres welcome. All expenses covered by The CRAFT Institute.


The retreat includes 1:1 mentorship, seminars, writing shares and opportunities for connection building that are sustained beyond the 3 days. 

Date: September 20 - 22, 2024

Location: Black Ivy Cottage, Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard

Application Window: Sun, May 5th 3:00pm ET - Sun, May 26th 12:00am ET.

Please note application is hosted on

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About The CRAFT Institute: The CRAFT Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to curating culturally inclusive ecosystems throughout the world of arts and entertainment by transforming formal training and industry practices while promoting equitable access. Through curriculum and pedagogy, creative content development and production, networking opportunities and events, CRAFT’s consultation, coaching, workshops and clearinghouse of resources amplify the work of the people of the global majority and culturally specific institutions.

About Create Ensemble is an incubator that provides a learning and talent development infrastructure for creatives of color. It encourages cross pollination through collaboration across various creative spaces and cultural backgrounds. Through seed funding and community support, Create Ensemble fosters a thriving ecosystem for the emergence and growth of new and existing talent, stories, and perspectives.


The submission window opens on May 5th, 2024 3:00pm ET and ends on May 26th, 2024 12:00am ET, or until 250 applications are received. As we are only accepting 250 eligible applicants, we encourage submitting early.

Application Cost: $30

If you are interested in receiving your judges scores, email to request. There is an additional $30 cost to receive your judges scores.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Screenwriter with demonstrated fluency in Black, African and African Diasporic experiences, histories, and cultures (we want stories across all genres).

  • 21 years or older

  • Applying as an individual writer

  • Open to all international and US applicants

  • Support of CRAFT Mission to curate culturally inclusive ecosystems throughout the world or arts and entertainment.

Applicants will be expected to prepare and share the following:

  • What would you like to work on during The Writer's Retreat? Title, logline, synopsis, overview. 

  • Script Sample: First 10 pages of script.

  • Personal Statement: What is your personal connection to the material? (1000 characters max)

  • Community Connection: Do you have any personal connection to the unique communities featured in your story? (1000 characters max)

  • Thematic Statement: What is the theme of your script? (1000 characters max)

  • Where in your life do you mentor? (1000 characters max)

Please note it is not possible to save a draft of your application and return. We recommend working on our application in a separate document and submitting on when you are ready.

How to Apply: The application will be hosted on


  1. All applicants will need to create a FREE profile as a CREATIVE on to access the application. Be sure to complete your profile and include anything that you may want to be considered in your application. (Paid subscriptions are also available on Create Ensemble but are not required for this program).

  2. Click Browse

  3. Click Mentorship

  4. Apply to The CRAFT Institute: Writers Retreat (live on Sunday, May 5th at 3pm ET.)


Please note we are only accepting 250 eligible applicants. Once 250 eligible applications have been submitted, we will close the application. 


Those selected to continue to the next round will be notified by June 30th, 2024, and will be asked to submit a full script draft. An interview will be conducted for finalists during the first week of August 2024. 

Please email Emily Goes ( regarding any questions. If there are technical difficulties with the application, please contact We will be readily available to support any questions or concerns you have.

  • I don’t live in the United States. May I apply for the Writers Retreat?
    Yes, absolutely! But please remember that your screenplay must be written in English.
  • Are you accepting applications with short film scripts?
    No. At this time, we are accepting applications with Feature length scripts and TV Pilots.
  • I am a playwright. Can I apply?
    Only with a Feature film script or a TV Pilot. No stage plays.
  • How many people are accepted into the program? Can I apply with my writing partner?
    4 individual writers will be accepted into the program. We are not accepting writers teams for this inaugural launch.
  • Can I submit more than 1 entry?
    At this time, we are accepting one (1) entry per writer. One script per writer.
  • When does the application window close?
    The submission window opens on May 5th at 3:00pm ET and ends on May 26th, 2024 at 11:59pm ET, OR until the maximum entry limit of 250 submissions are received. The application will close submissions once the maximum number of entries are received or the final deadline is reached--whichever occurs first.
  • What are the page guidelines for submitting screenplays?
    For the first round, we are asking for a 10 page sample (excluding title page) of your script. For the second round, we will ask for full scripts. We recommend you adhere to the following guidelines: 120 pages for Feature 65 pages for 1 Hour Pilot 35 pages for Half Hour Pilot Your script will not be disqualified if it is a few pages longer or shorter than our specified length. Please note the Judges who are evaluating your script are industry professionals, and any deviation from industry standards may put you at a disadvantage.
  • Once I enter, how will I know for sure that you received my script and payment?
    As you fill out our application on, once you’ve successfully entered your script file, a confirmation message will be sent to your email to let you know your script has been uploaded and saved in our database, and payment was received.
  • If I apply to the Writers Retreat, will you claim any rights to my script or any percentage of future profits?
    Absolutely not. You retain all rights to your work at all times. Neither The CRAFT Institute,, nor its Administrators, Sponsors or Judges will attach themselves to your script as a condition of you applying to the Writers Retreat or joining the cohort, nor will we demand any percentage of any sales you make as a result of entering or winning the contest. The profits are entirely yours.
  • What genres are you accepting?
    We are open to all Fiction Feature-Length Films and TV Pilots! Accepting comedies, sci-fi, horror, thrillers, romcoms, etc. We are not accepting documentaries.
  • Will you accept documentaries?
    No. This the inaugural launch, we will be accepting Fiction Feature Film Screenplays and TV pilot scripts.
  • Can I submit a musical?
    Yes! As long as it is a Feature Film Screenplay or a TV pilot script.
  • May I receive the scores from my application?
    Yes! We are offering to share Judges scores of the first round (first 10 pages of script, excluding title page) for an additional $30. This is separate request you will make after you submit your application. Please email to request.
  • I am experiencing a technical difficulty. What should I do?
    We are so excited to be working with, an incubator that provides a learning and talent development infrastructure for creatives of color. Please note that is a new platform, it is operational and still being developed. If you are experiencing technical difficulties while on the platform, please contact The platform will be readily available to support any questions or concerns you have. We are thank you for your patience and supporting a new, inclusive platform built by and for creatives of color. If you have other general questions, you are welcome to email Emily Goes,
  • Do I have to make a profile on Create Ensemble to access the application?
    Yes! To access the application, you must create a free profile as a creative on We encourage you to complete your profile with any information and links you would like to be considered in your application. If you have any questions about this process, email Emily at
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