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To participate, fill out our Black Theatre Day interest form! We will keep this form live all year round to learn and amplify Black-led organizations, as well as to have your contact information for next year's Black Theatre Day celebrations.

After you fill out the form, join the social media campaign! You have a few ways to celebrate:


  1. Post the Black Theatre Day graphic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with hashtags (see below). 

  2. Join the "What does Black Theatre Day mean to you?" Instagram Challenge

  3. Record a video of you saying: “Happy Black Theatre Day from [Name of Organization and location]! Join us in celebrating over 200 years of Black theatre by donating $5, 5 hours or more to [Name of Black Theatre] and inviting 5 friends or family members to #SupportBlackTheatre.  Come see our show [Insert Show/Event] on Sept. 17.  To donate to [Name of Theatre] click here: [insert link].”

  4. Post images and videos of your Black theater productions and activities.

  5. Share other Black theatres posts throughout the day on your Instagram story and Facebook page and Twitter!

Are you a part of the Theatre Educator Community?


Here are ways you can participate and invite your students to join the Black Theatre Day celebrations as well!

  1. Get your classes involved by inviting your students to share CRAFT's posts and the posts of their local Black theatres, along with a fun fact on Black Theatre!

  2. Assign your students to do the activities on the educational resource provided by CRAFT and BTA (Black Theatre Association).

  3. Invite your departments and campuses to participate as well! Use this email template

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When making your social media posts, be sure to include the following hashtags so we can uplift your post on The CRAFT Institute’s page as well!










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  • Create special Black Theatre Day programming and/or events that celebrate the legacy of the African Grove or a Black Theatre in your area

  • Contribute at least 5 dollars of 5 hours of time, money and/or resources to a Black Theatre or Black creative space in your area. 

  • Donate your time/volunteer 

  • Donate goods and services 

  • Post images of you outside a Black theater using #blacktheatreday go to (website) to download an image you can personalize in support of Black Theatre/Black Creativity 

  • Create an individual or group Happy Black Theatre Day video or reel using #blacktheatreday 

  • Observe a moment of silence reflecting on the legacy of those who paved the way and supported Black Theatre: actors, directors, founders, playwrights, producers, donors, government officials and more 

  • Dim the lights of your organization, business or home for seconds at 7PM on September 17 in honor of Black Theatre Day 

  • Post a list of unknown and known facts about Black Theatre

  • Have 9/17 proclaimed Black Theatre Day in your state, city and/or neighborhood 

  • Create a kudoboard 

  • Conduct Black Theatre Day interviews with friends, colleagues and people who have connections to the legacy of Black Theatre 

  • Connect with influencers to develop content around Black Theatre’s legacy and extensive body of work.

  • Produce a Black Theatre Day parade or float for a parade

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