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Hollywood still has a diversity problem by Dr. Monica Ndounou

In 2019, CRAFT's Founder, Monica Ndounou broke down the diversity problem that Hollywood still evidently still has today. Of course, this is a white problem.

"This problem, a “broken system” that works by design to promote the interests of white men, extends beyond CBS and the Emmys and is actually perpetuated by higher education. In fact, the hiring patterns and industry practices Whitney Davis has described reflect patterns throughout the American theater and film  industries and the academic institutions that serve as pipelines into careers throughout the profession. Higher education’s Eurocentric and male-centric curriculum, especially in the dramatic arts, also shapes industry insiders and audiences’ attitudes about what constitutes an award-worthy performance."


"Simultaneously recognizing and nurturing black talent in higher education and the entertainment industry and increasing the range and depth of stories will expand roles for black actors, promote opportunities for career advancement, and help bridge the divides perpetuated by this broken system."


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