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Thank you for coming to IBTS 2023!

Dear IBTS Family and CRAFT Community,

I hope you are having a fantastic summer!! We truly appreciate all who attended The International Black Theatre Summit: Satellite Event in St. Louis last week and all who wanted to attend but could not. It was an incredible opportunity to gather and explore the possibilities for the future! 

We welcome all who are interested in being a part of this ongoing exploration over the next two years and beyond as we prepare to convene The International Black Theatre Summit in Ghana in 2025.  

Recognizing many of us are already operating at full capacity, we welcome you to express how you might best participate based on the work you are already doing or would be willing to do. Let us know who you are, where you are, and how you would like to engage here. We will help organize participants accordingly. If you already completed our IBTS Post-Event Survey, there is no need to complete the additional google form, we have your information and will be in touch soon.

You are also welcome to directly email your information and how you would like to engage to

For more information about IBTS & CRAFT read below:

The International Black Theatre Summit is a Think Tank and network that convenes scholars and practitioners in theatre, film and television and related media to strategize the future of Black storytelling across platforms.

The CRAFT Institute helps implement the ideas generated in the IBTS Think Tank and Network beyond the convenings through CRAFT’s mission which is dedicated to curating culturally inclusive ecosystems throughout the world of arts and entertainment by transforming formal training and industry practices while promoting equitable access.

IBTS and CRAFT work collaboratively with one another, individuals, collectives, and organizations throughout the ecosystem to develop, document, implement, and share economic, creative, and educational models.

If you or someone you know is interested in participating in local and regional IBTS Think Tanks (including international participants), please let us know here by August 11, 2023. We will be in touch with more information regarding next steps soon after.

Thank you for your interest and support of The International Black Theatre Summit and The CRAFT Institute as we continue to work collaboratively to create a future through a thriving ecosystem!


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