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Happy New Year from The CRAFT Institute!

As we enter 2024, The CRAFT Institute would like to express our deepest gratitude to you.


Your genuine interest, encouragement, and support, which has manifested in so many ways throughout this year and every year, gives us hope that, together, we can achieve our mission of curating culturally inclusive ecosystems and experience joy and community in the process.  

We are especially grateful for your messages, interactions, donations of time, money, service and other resources–not just for CRAFT–but for the various organizations and individuals we uplift in our programming and campaigns.  

We are eager to continue our work together, through an array of activities in the coming year that will build upon many of the activities we engaged in throughout 2023. Some of the highlights include: 

  • The March 2023 preview of Echoes of Us directed by Michele Shay produced by the African Diasporic Network, a special initiative of The CRAFT Institute and the African-American Shakespeare Company co-produced in Los Angeles by Support Black Theatre

  • Representing The CRAFT Institute and The International Black Theatre Summit at the 25th Anniversary of the AGIA 1998 Town Hall in Los Angeles in April 2023

  • Convening The International Black Theatre Summit: Satellite Event in St. Louis in July 2023

  • The CRAFT Institute parallel conference and consultation at the Association of Theatre in Higher Education conference in Austin, TX in August 2023

  • Black Theatre Day on September 17, 2023

Through these various events and campaigns, we had an opportunity to meet so many of you in person and to learn more about the strengths and needs of the field, various organizations, artists, and programs.  

We are inspired to continue collaborating on several existing and new projects and continuing to build and grow community with you in the coming year.

We will be sharing some exciting updates soon to let you know how you can participate in our upcoming activities and how you can let us know about yours so that we can amplify the important work you are doing. 

Please take good care of yourself and enjoy your family, friends, and peace of mind, not just for the holidays but throughout the year.  

We look forward to being in touch soon!  

Happy New Year!!!

In solidarity,



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