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Broadway Stars Call Out Racism in the Theater Community

In a Variety article by Klaritza Rico, Broadway stars are calling out racism in the theater community following the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests around the country.

“'Racism has been stealing our dreams, choking our stories, looting our talent and then discarding us when we are no longer valued.' said Matthews in a video shared to Twitter on Monday."


"In an op-ed written in the Burton Wire, president of the Black Theatre Association Dr. Monica Ndounou called out White theaters for their silence during this time: 'It is hard not to notice how white theaters profit from staging Black death and trauma but say nothing in response to anti-Black violence like the lynching of George Floyd and multiple attacks against Black people during a global pandemic that is ravaging Black and Brown communities,' wrote Ndounou. 'The silence over the past several weeks speaks volumes on the need for safe spaces to tell our stories.'"


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